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War Song is an Alternative Rock project founded by actor Patrick Warburton, and performer Adriel Genet.

Born out of a mutual passion for performance and music, War Song is their collaborative platform to showcase the songs and stories forged by their partnership.

Patrick can be seen and his iconic voice can be heard in countless movies and TV programs, and Adriel can be heard performing his Solo project and with his band, Burn The Ballroom. War Song is joined by long time partner and friend Tuomas Easton, who adds his extraordinary instrumental skills to the unique sound of the project.


Vocals / Patrick Warburton
Guitar, Vocals, Arrangements / Adriel Genet
Lead Guitar, Keys / Tuomas Easton


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Goddess of the Rain

by War Song

The debut song from War Song. Listen on Spotify, Apple, and everywhere else your favorite music is found.


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